“You can’t help but be drawn to Lauri. A natural nurse, she is sincere in her intent and intellectually curious about the latest advancements in wellness and nutrition. Her dedication to helping clients is impressive.”

~ Regina Lewis, Consumer Trends Expert & National TV Contributor

“Adopting a whole food plant-based diet is one of my top recommendations to my patients. This approach not only fortifies your body against cancer or cancer recurrence—it can eliminate coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and many autoimmune diseases! That is why I am so happy that Lauri is ready and willing to walk you through the transition and help you transform your health to a vibrant, healthy person who feels years younger. Instead of spending your money on sickness with pills, procedures and doctor’s visits, spend your money on health by learning how to let your body heal—one bite at a time.”

~ Dr. Dana S. Simpler, Internal Medicine

“I have been working with Lauri for approximately six months on changing my habits towards healthy nutrition and healthy living. She has helped me make the connection between a healthy lifestyle, making healthy choices (including but not limited to nutrition) and feeling more energetic every day. The light bulb has gone on as far as pairing the appropriate foods, in order to more appropriately eat in a healthier manner that suits my metabolism.  Thank you Lauri!”

~ Catherine Ohmes, PT, DPT

“I would absolutely recommend Lauri as a health coach and guide to better health. She has shown me that she truly cares and has become my confidant, willing to stand by my side as I learn and implement new things while following her guidance to make improvements in my life.”

~ Terri Vento, Independent Sales Consultant, Bausc Skin Care Products

“Lauri helped guide me in how to fit a 28-day cleanse in my busy life. She made great suggestions for things I could buy and where to buy them. She even gave me some samples and recipes. In short, she helped make what seemed to me a big endeavor not quite so hard. I would absolutely recommend Lauri as a health coach. She is understanding and encouraging and she has a program that’s ready to go. I think she could make anyone a convert to a healthy lifestyle!”

~ Beth VanStory, CEO, AutoSquad

“Working with Lauri has been life-changing for me. Through her guidance, advice, and abundant supply of support and encouragement I have been able to find freedom, comfort, and enjoyment in eating healthy, whole foods. My energy has soared since I began working with her. Lauri’s integrative approach to health and wellness and her caring nature have helped me to flourish in all aspects of my life. She’s been a wonderful source of nutritional information, but her spirit is the truly amazing part! Lauri has truly made a positive impact on my life and well-being (nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually). Trust her when she says you’ll wake up craving veggies!”

~Brianne Cook, Leesburg, VA

“I knew that a bookshelf diet would never work for me – I knew that I needed a lifestyle change and not one that included a certain brand of diet.  Lauri’s approach is intuitive, smart and best – It Works!!  I love that I am eating foods that are real and nurture my body.  Looking forward to a lifetime of eating this way.”

~Suzan M., Ashburn, VA

“As an endurance athlete looking to expand my food choices and tidy up my eating habits, I came to Lauri looking for a plan. After a consultation, discussion of what I liked and what I knew I needed to adjust, we determined that a clean up period, followed by a supervised 3-day juice cleanse, with a follow-on set of suggestions and diet adjustments for the longterm best suited my needs. 12 weeks out from my longest race to date, I was on-board and ready to give my body a much needed pick me up via whole foods following a hearty list of meal options.

At no point in the process of changing my habits has this felt like a ‘diet’…it’s simply a process of slowly executing small changes that make a huge difference. Lauri guided me through the cleanse process, always checking in to see how I was feeling and how my workouts were going (I continued to workout on a regular schedule over the 3 days), and continue to enjoy the Puree juice on a daily basis.

An additional unexpected benefit is that I’ve been able to adjust the habits of my household, by filling our plates with wholesome and wonderful meal additions that I would never have considered in the past. It’s much easier to change when everyone at home is on board and supportive, and because Lauri believes in small steps that reap huge rewards, nobody feels like they’re missing anything. Her knowledge and understanding are unmatched!”

~Katie M., Leesburg, VA

“Working with Lauri was wonderful.  She introduced us to a new way to think about food and what we eat.  While we were not really eating a lot of unhealthy food, she showed us how some simple diet changes, especially how a green smoothie in the morning and eating more whole foods, can really change how you feel all day.  I am totally off soda after 30 years of drinking it daily, and it feels great.  We also did a three day cleanse which was a very positive experience. We both lost excess weight which has been easy to maintain, while following this sustainable plan.”

~Bob and Tanya S., Leesburg, VA

“I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis several months ago and basically had my world turned upside down. I got a lot of very detailed information from my doctor about the disease, but little about the severity of the impact that my diet would have on the healing process. I was put on several medications and although they helped to relieve the symptoms I was having related to the disease, I continued to feel poorly because of the numerous side effects. I began to do a lot of research online about the kind of diet I should be adhering to and was able to gather a lot of good information. However, I was not able to put it all together comprehensively in a way that I felt would put me on the path to healing. That’s when I decided to call Lauri. I’m so glad that I did because she has been a godsend for me. It’s rare that you find a person who is so committed to and truly cares about the health and wellness of others; especially those they don’t know. By taking a holistic, individualized approach to my Well and Good program; Lauri was able to educate me on the best ways to change my lifestyle and my diet to try to counteract my disease. She took the time to research things before making recommendations and even reached out to and met with my doctor. I was tired of feeling so badly and was totally invested and committed to the program. I felt positive impacts almost immediately and it has made a tremendous difference in my life. I feel great and know that I would not have reached a point of managing my disease so well without Lauri’s guidance and support. Although I have completed my program, I know that I have a resource to count on if/when I’m in need”.

~Melissa Scott, Reston, VA

“We need to eat healthier” has been our declaration for a number of years, but it was too overwhelming a goal for us to tackle on our own. We came to Lauri for nutrition advice, each of us with different goals. My husband wanted to lose weight, feel better, lower his cholesterol and eat healthier. I knew I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds, but mostly I wanted to learn better ways to stabilize my hypoglycemia, and eat healthier as well. We so enjoyed working with Lauri. She guided us a session at a time to educate us, incorporate new recipes, teach us new strategies, encouraged and checked in with us all along the way. We saw results in just 2 months. My husband lowered his cholesterol by almost 40 points. I have workable healthy strategies for managing my hypoglycemia. We’ve both lost about 10 pounds and remain stable at that weight. Do we feel better? Yes! We both feel better physically, as well as feeling positive about healthy eating without having to deny ourselves foods we love.  An unexpected bonus we discovered is the fun of doing more cooking together, enjoying new recipes Lauri gave us and discovering more.


~Barbara & JT, Ashburn, VA