Reiki At Well & Good

We are excited to introduce our Reiki Practicioner, Melissa Beaver. She is now available for appointments at Well & Good.

Melissa Beaver Reiki Practitioner, IARP

Melissa discovered Reiki when she was looking for something that would help with the pain of Fibromyalgia, which she suffered from for many years. She spent many years trying many different therapies, when she discovered the holistic healing route. After changing her diet to avoid inflammatory foods, and choosing the right kind of exercise, she needed that final piece of the puzzle to complete her road to wellness. She started Reiki treatment and immediately saw a difference in her pain levels, and soon began to function and live her life again! She was so impressed and amazed with her result, she trained and became a Level II Reiki practitioner. She continues to work towards her Reiki Master.

Melissa understands the importance of addressing every aspect of healing from the inside out. That is why she is so excited to be working with Lauri! Melissa will help you understand how the healing energy of Reiki can benefit you and help you heal yourself.

Please contact Melissa directly for more information, free consultations and appointments.