Pre-summer Clean Eating Cleanse and Yoga

Well & Good has partnered with Flow Yoga to bring you

A 21 day Pre-summer Clean Eating Cleanse and unlimited yoga!
April 27-May 24

Workshop dates: April 27, May 4 & May 18, 1:30-2:30 pm
All you need to do is buy a specially priced, unlimited pass at Flow Yoga to include:

~Unlimited yoga, which greatly enhances detoxification
~3 one hour workshops with Lauri at Well & Good Studio
~Detailed menu plans with options to personalize and easy to prepare recipes
~Email support throughout your transformation
~Optional one hour, private consultation with Lauri at a reduced rate of $75 (to be scheduled on your own).

Nourish your body and eliminate cravings with this whole food detox! No, you won’t starve and you don’t have to give up food…
My plan is a balanced, natural approach using a mix of fresh, whole foods. Weather you need a total diet overhaul or you eat pretty healthy already, we will customize your program to meet you where you are.

Learn how to apply the basic principles of detoxification and cleansing to your life.  A good cleanse resets your body, giving it a fresh start. It will allow your body’s natural detoxification systems to reboot and return to peak performance. While varied, the benefits include:

  • Less bloating and puffiness
  • Immunity boost
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved circulation
  • A boost in energy levels
  • Memory enhancement
  • Relief form aches and pains
  • Clear, younger looking skin
  • The elimination of cravings
  • Decrease in over-all body inflammation

A good cleanse can kick-start healthy habits and get you started on the path of smarter choices and sustainable health—the cornerstone of long-term wellness.

I look forward to meeting you there!