Happy New Year!

What feelings come up when you hear this phrase? For me, it used to mean, “How much weight did I gain over this holiday season?” “What new, quick and easy weight loss plan is out there for me to try?” “I’m not going to any social events until I lose at least 10 pounds.”

I am just realizing all the time and energy I wasted over the years on chronic, bad choices that didn’t serve me. Instead of enjoying and making memories with family and friends, I was beating myself up and feeling guilty about my poor eating habits. Instead of using my creativity and curiosity for self-improvement and to help others on their road to better health, I was trying a new anti-depressant to get me through to the next new year holiday. Instead of fully immersing myself into my career and relationships, I was self-focused and miserable.

Over the past three years, I have taken control of my health, forgiven myself for past mistakes and have taken responsibility for my lifestyle choices. Through professional guidance and self-reflection, I have learned that health is more than just a lean body; it is the absence of disease, the presence of vitality and it’s living in a way that creates inner and outer peace.

This year, “Happy New Year” has a new meaning for me. It means empowerment, feeling and looking much younger than my years, being open, loving, giving, creative and inspired to share the gift of health with others.
I wish this for you!